Alessandra Puricelli Portfolio
S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum Basel


Claudiabasel and S AM (Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum) have an ongoing collaboration for more than 15 years. The basic system for the series of poster consists of a bold typographic structure, the typeface is always developing from a smaller size to a bigger one, from the top to the bottom of the poster, simulating the foundations and creation of a building.
All the posters are nevertheless very different from each other since the typography can dialogue with the image underneath, or lack of it, in different ways.

During my time at Claudiabasel I worked on the poster for two exhibitions.

Project made at Claudia Basel (Basel, CH)
May 2020

Poster n.1: Tsuyoshi Tane
Poster made for the exhibition “Archeology of the furure” by Tsuyoshi Tane at S AM (Basel).
Unfortunately the posters never went to production.


Poster n.2: Basel 2050
Poster made for the forum Basel 2050.