Alessandra Puricelli Portfolio
Experiments on artworks by Hae Young Ji


How can a designer collaborate with a contemporary artist? How can artworks be expanded and reinterpreted by design?

HAE YOUNG, JI is a contemporary Korean artist dealing among others with the issues of new medias. Two artworks of her oeuvre, How to be insensitive and Touch Touch Touch, were selected for further visual studies in this publication. The artworks were deconstructed in a lab situation with visual explorations and several experiments that are presented in individual booklets. These booklets are meant to be a report and documentary to be handed to the artist, to create a loop and circle of action and reaction.

The main focus was the deconstruction and the expanding of the artworks 
by reinterpretation. Crucial topics were a tactile experience, 
the virtual sensory satisfaction, digital content in relation to the internet environment, the text-image relationship, the text 
as formal frame and explanation of visual explorations and the text as part of the artworks. The goal was to enrich and strengthen the artworks that deal with digital, internet and media content.

with Hyunjun Jang and Stephanie Müller
HGK Basel
Art Direction / Marion Fink

January 2019

Some double pages made by me